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my name is yoselin ( I prefer Luna) I am 19 years i am from mexico I like anime and maga preferably the YURI, my favorites are..... -kanazuki no miko, ma hime, akuma no riddle (love baba mahiru'shinya') strawberry panic, candy boy, mangas: citrus, sasameki koto, girlfriends, strawberry shake sweet xD

1 Sora No Method:It is an original series so not much information but we have your Sakai Masayuki who was in the great series Strawberry Panic! and also have a Manga created by Yuka Namisaki. But the manga is an adaptation of the anime and not the reverse. (taking Masayuki Sakoi we can expect some yuri) trailer 


GirlFriend (kari):Not much information to where it is a game or rather a visual novel that became very famous, we find the game for mobile and could become yuri that is in question here are a trailer


Yuru Yuri Nachiyachumi !: Best known as Yuru Yuri all know this beautiful series with its slight content yuri xD but has not so much to say just now arriving Ova


Strike WitchesOperation Victory Arrow: Known as Strike Witches but not many know is a great series with mild yuri content but very good Suffice to say for those who know comes a Ova